Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday evening gold silver price, cotton update, crude oil drop today

In the evening session the precious metals are working in a negative side with a high down trend for future contract. The yellow metal supported and resisted by 26548.6 and 27189.4 level similarly the white metal supported and resisted by 42022.6 and 40587.4 level. 

The base metals are following the same downtrend as of precious metals. In the morning trading session the cotton was traded in a negative side but as the time passes away right now it started to work in a positive side with a gain of 180 points. 

The mcx energy commodities showing both trend crude oil and natural gas is looking bearish where the mentha oil looking bullish in evening session with a rise of 27.40 points for future. 

Sell crude oil target 5671/5666/5661 stop loss 5697 

Buy cotton target 19395/19405/19415 stop loss 19310


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